Frequently Asked Questions - University of Huddersfield Timetable Parser

I've found a bug, where can I submit it?

Bugs can be filed using the GitHub issues tracker.

I have a feature request, where can I submit it?

Feature requests can be filed using the GitHub issues tracker.

Can anyone view my timetable?

This website gets timetable information through a publicly-accessible website - the same website that is used to view your timetable. Due to this anyone that knows your student number can view your timetable. This website simply automates the process and provides a calendar feed.

Should I download the calendar or subscribe via the URL?

It is recommended that you subscribe via the URL to ensure that any changes to your timetable are pushed to your calendar application of choice when it refreshes the calendar feed (if you have this option available and enabled)

How do I add the calendar to my favourite calendar app?

Instructions vary between which application you use. Below are a variety of links for different calendar applications: